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Tuesday, April 17th, 2012
10:20 pm - deviantart
Delayed I'm in the process of archiving sketches, doujinshi and fics on my Deviantart page:


I feel like there are bits and pieces of The Tale of Neko Wufei floating around on the web, but not the whole thing in one place. It'll be nice to have a single site to point people to.

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Sunday, April 29th, 2012
8:43 pm - Dexter the Westie Gets Angry With His Ball

I did a simple animation for the 2nd half of this, with a cameo from the Prince, to continue the trend of Katamari Damacy references in my videos.

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Thursday, April 19th, 2012
11:05 pm - Squeaky Grizzly Bear Interviews Dexter the Westie

Squeaky Grizzly Bear catches up with Dexter the Westie and asks him some tough questions about appearing as a mascot for an Etsy shop as well as having a fabric print based off of him. Dexter handles the controversy with the grace and wit of a champion. (^_~)

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Saturday, June 17th, 2006
8:58 pm - Mitsuwa foodcourt renovations
Last time we went, it was about halfway renovated, so today was our first time seeing the finished foodcourt. They used a nice pleasing design with warm earthy colors. The place definitely looks more uniform now. I tried out the owari misokatsu set at Katsuhana, which was really delicious, although they were a little skimpy on the tonkatsu sauce. Werefox bought me some packaged takoyaki from the area where she got her food, because she's lovely and thoughtful like that. They weren't half bad for supermarket takoyaki. Too bad I couldn't finish them. For my drink I got a fantastic green tea latte from the Itoen shop across from Katsuhana. It beats the ass of the Starbucks one. The green tea flavor permeates the drink wonderfully. I was so pleased and full and the end of the meal. I'll have to go back and get one of their prawn dishes next time.

Sanseido didn't really have anything interesting. Werefox and I both agreed that the selection was much better back when the bookstore was a Kinokuniya. Maybe the manga didn't sell well enough, but the knick knacks and other merchandise selection also seems to be lacking at Sanseido. There's also a significant amount of floor space taken up by the JBC Video area. Werefox bought the Japanese version of Final Fantasy XII and was looking for a guidebook to help her slog through the denser Japanese in parts of the game, but apparently Sanseido doesn't carry videogame guidebooks at all.

Disappointed, we made our way over to Mars NY, which always has random interesting merchandise. This time they had Keroro Gunsou t-shirts and pajamas! (The tag is in Korean, so I suspect they weren't licensed goods. There seems to be a bunch of HK/Korean-made stuff mixed in with their Japanese items) Werefox and I were pawing through them, and saw a really cute design with the whole Keronjin team, but they were child-size pajamas. Too bad. There's a really friendly Japanese girl who works there who always recognizes my Lover's House clothing. I wasn't sure if she remembered me because it's been awhile since we visited, but she remembered. I guess there aren't lots of gaijin coming in there rocking Lover's House. ^o^ This time I had a wristband with Ken the panda on it, and I was telling her how I'd bought it at LaForet in Harajuku, etc.

As we talked, she very kindly helped me find the right size and style of Keroro shirt. I was like, "Meiwaku kakete sumimasen!" because I felt like I was causing such a mess making her look through all those stacks of shirts. She said it was no problem and then asked me, "Nihongo benkyo wo shimasu ka?" When I told her my mom was haafu we started talking about the various areas of Japan, etc. Finally I settled on the shirt I wanted, and after I bought it I thanked her again before I left. Her friendliness brightened an already nice day. ^_^

We walked over to Target before hitting the supermarket, and I bought a darkwash denim miniskirt by Tara Jarmon with pink bows on the back pockets, a lightweight gray cotton skirt eyelet edges (also Tara Jarmon) and a pair of denim Mossimo knickerbocker shorts. Afterwards we sipped cherry Icees in the eating area.

Back at the Mitsuwa supermarket, I was disappointed to find that they did not have the polar bear crank-powered ice shavers that I remembered seeing last summer. I was all excited to make kakigori, but I guess I'll have to order a regular shaver and make due. online. I picked up some good stuff: bottle of Calpico (the Manhattan markets often seem to be out of it when I go), a box of Nukumori no Gensen bath salts (I got the pink Kodawari no Bijin-yu last time), packets of sweetened green tea mix, okonomiyaki mixes, furikake (with egg bits, nori & sesame seeds), Ippeichan instant yakisoba, "Party Time" assorted dried fish and shredded smoked squid, more Kewpie mayo, 2 bags of Meiji chocolate-covered almonds, shabu shabu beef, and "Naka Naka Nai" brand shochu, which comes in a really cool stoneware flask that looks like it came out of Naruto. The shochu cost me about $30, but after I debated it, I decided to spring for it because I could keep the really cool flask afterwards. Tonight I'll make myself a shochu mojito. ^_^

I spent a chunk of money, but I feel good about what I got. From next weekend until the 4th of July I'll be in Michigan with my family, so I think my budget can handle it. Hopefully. haha

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Sunday, May 14th, 2006
1:20 pm - Ferocious Men
So this is where I went last night:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

It was a bachelorette party at Lucky Cheng's, where it seems like half the city has their bachelorette parties. I decided if there was any place I could wear my black denim tube top -which makes my breasts pop up in that charming Shakespearean way- it was Lucky Cheng's. For the bottom I wore my new Luella skirt from Target (such a great line!) with the raw-edge skull and heart applique. Fishnets, long dangly pink earrings, my pink and black stiletto boots, and my hair slicked back in a high ponytail. I could've worked there if I'd been born with a set of twig and berries. ^_~

There were a bunch of cute drag queens, prettier than some girls I could think of. The host of the night called herself "Japanese Bitch" and periodically did an excellent strip-tease on the little stage near the back of the place. It was like pervy dinner theatre. The food wasn't great, and some of the drinks were a little watered down, but it was still fun. When the waitress came with our drinks, she held mine out and said "Pink pussy?" and I raised my hand and said, "That's me." ^_^ Later I had a Pool Boy, which packed a nice punch.

After dinner we had reservations at the Savage Men show upstairs. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go, because I'm not into the beefcake stripper look, but I figured it would be an experience I would remember. Before the show started we were sitting around, and the host came up to me and was like "I'm digging that outfit" then leaned over me and said "Smack my ass," so I did. ^o^ Later he came back and kissed my boob, haha.

The bride-to-be in our party was the first to go on stage. It was amazing all the flipping, upside-down, acrobatic stuff they did with her! Lots of grinding and leg-spreading and simulated "kuchi-ecchi" as I like to say. In between the stage shows with bachelorettes and b-day girls etc. the guys go into the audience and go from girl to girl, collecting dollar bills in their undies. I got bent over doggy-style at one point. It was so ridiculous it was fun, but that's my last time at one of those places.

At various points I was thinking of how hot it would be if the guys just fell down into a sweaty, greasy orgy with each other, but I guess the other girls in the audience wouldn't have appreciated it. Pity.

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Sunday, April 9th, 2006
4:17 pm
Went on a date with my comic book guy last night. Very cute. Might I even call him gorgeous? I might. I wonder how much of that is pure visuals, and how much is personality along with visuals? Maybe you can't get past "cute" until you talk to him. Anyway, we had a lovely time. I kissed him. I was grinning on the way home. Cute nerds, that's where it's at.

Today werefox and I went to see Basilisk at Imaginasian. They're showing more and more Indian movies there, but I'm glad they still play Japanese stuff every once and awhile. There are many Indian restaurants in the neighborhood, so the movies must be a big draw for the Indians in the area. I don't really blame them for playing movies that keep them in business. Werefox and I have been to several anime movies there, and the theater was never anywhere near full. I wish they had better advertising. There are a bunch of anime fans in the city who probably have no idea this place exists.

Despite the fact that it was the dub, I enjoyed Basilisk. It was based off of the Ninja Scroll novel by Yamada Futaroh, which I assume is also where the Ninja Scroll movie and tv series got their inspiration, although the storylines are pretty dissimilar. I still like the idea of a fated romance between the heads of two warring clans no matter how many times it gets used. Oboro was sort of in the "clueless, big droopy eyes" category, but I didn't hate her. I liked that Gennosuke was sort of clueless at times too. That way it seemed more like two semi-innocent young people in love, rather than smart guy in love with clueless girl, which happens far, far too often in anime. Gennosuke was pretty hot in a classic bushy-eyebrows manly way. I think werefox thought he was too much of an innocent good boy for her tastes. I wanted to see more of Yashamaru. He was more of a bad boy. And he had those wire/thread attacks like Kazuki in Getbackers.

They pulled out all the stops when it came to violence and ridiculous superpowers. One guy shot phlegm out of his mouth like a spider spinning a web, and another guy had no limbs but wielded a sword pulled from a sheath he'd swallowed down his throat. Lots and lots of stabbing and blood spraying through the air. The heavy mascara look of the character designs took some getting used to, but in the end I liked it. I think I'll be picking up the rest of the series to see how it continues.

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Friday, March 24th, 2006
8:02 pm - ~dating~
I've been using Yahoo Personals for a little while now. It's not half bad, IME. I've met 2 guys so far. The first one got to the 2nd date and then I didn't like the way he was acting so I ended that. The second one was hot, and we went out for about a month, but he just couldn't get himself together, so we ended that.

Now I've gotten a few messages from a cute one, but he does *not* get the fact that I'm only a free member so he needs to send me his email addy. Soooo frustrating. Here's what's written in my profile:

A rich, robust blend of Black, Japanese, and Native American. Eccentric, artistic, a delicious floral aroma. Style: funky femme. Music: eclectic. Drink: Mojito. Boots: made for walkin’.

I truly believe in never taking yourself too seriously. Life is nothing without a healthy dose of humor, and I prefer mine to be offbeat. Makes things more interesting, don’t you think? I love movies (usually try to skip the pretentious ones), going to see bands/live shows/standup comedy (I don’t go often enough), and just exploring the city for unique spots in which to shop, eat, or sightsee/take photographs. When I’m feeling nerdy I read manga and practice my Japanese. I work out every other day to keep fit, but I keep my curves, so I'm a "voluptuous" body type in that sense.

I like the balance of nerd and cool, sexy and tomboy, staying in and going out. If you’re the kind of guy who’s down with that, send me your email addy and we can talk.

Dude, that means send me your addy because I'm not a member. You're not allowed to explicitly state your membership status in the profile, but I think the way I worded my description makes it pretty clear. Blah. Such a shame, because not only is he cute (and inter-racial like I am), but he lived in Japan for 3 years and he speaks a little conversational Japanese. He also reads comics (not manga, but close enough. I read Jhonen Vasquez stuff.) Why is fate so cruel???

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Saturday, March 18th, 2006
11:24 am - Gyukakuuuuu! Fight-o fight-o fight-o!
We had a great time at Gyukaku last night. It was our second time going so we had more of an idea of what to order from the long list of items on the menu. They're having an awesome Happy Hour deal this month, where a different item on the menu is 50% off each weekday. Friday is the prime ribeye, so we got 2 orders of that, along with mixed vegetables, sweet potato, harami miso (we got spicy miso instead of just regular this time), and atsu-tan. House vodka drinks were also 50% off, so werefox had 3 screwdrivers and I had 3 vodka & pineapple juices. Mine seemed to have been mixed stronger than hers, but maybe the orange juice in hers just masked the taste of the alcohol more than mine. Needless to say, we were smashed by the time we tumbled out. (I think I had it worse since I was wearing my black stiletto sexy boots, hehe) I almost forgot my credit card on the table, and then I was about to push the door open and walk out without getting my coat from the check-rack. eheh. ^_^;; We were insulting each other in Japanese the whole way home. But in a friendly way. Yanno.

werefox cooked a lemon wedge on the grill, then ate it.

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Thursday, March 16th, 2006
8:57 pm - dealing with an irate mother
Not my own, she's an angel. ^_^ This angry mom randomly attacked my site and got it shut down, but it was my old site, so it wasn't a tragedy. here's the sordid exchange...Collapse )

And I truly believe her actions were shameful bully-tactics. Could you imagine being so self-righteous that you'd go on some predatory hunt of small, free websites that feature BL/yaoi-themed stuff? The fact that it's a minor annoyance to me is beside the point. I must say that I'm embarrassed for her, and it makes me terribly sad inside that someone like that is raising children and teaching them the very same small-minded, intolerant way of thinking. Thank goodness I was raised by a woman with a brain and some common sense. ^_^V

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Saturday, January 21st, 2006
3:06 pm - Hateshinaku tooi sora niiii~
I've been learning the words to the Kyo Kara Maoh opening song. Werefox and I sing it in the elevator sometimes. Tonight we're making a Shibuya Yuri cake. Devil's food. *smirk*

I'm eating a bag of Iriko dried anchovies, which grosses out everyone I tell about it, but I remember my mom eating them ever since I was little. I didn't like them back then, but sometimes I would eat just one because the smell interested me. Nowadays I've grown to like them. That rich Japanese heritage comin' through, hah. The fishy taste goes very well with Woonjin plum juice that I buy from the Korean market on 32nd St, so that's what I'm drinking. I tried another kind of plum juice that I bought at Pearl River Mart in Soho, but it just tasted like I was drinking mooshu sauce. bleh! The trick with the Woonjin kind is that they mix in *alot* of apple juice, so it basically tastes like plum-flavored apple juice, but it's sooo good. And that's coming from someone who doesn't like plain apple juice.

So yay, Brokeback Mountain won 4 Golden Globes! We're going to go see Trans America sometime soon. I listen to Virgin Radio UK on internet radio at my office sometimes, and they keep advertising Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story (it's just called A Cock and Bull Story in the UK) which sounds like a bizarre and intriguing film. It gets limited released in the States on the 26th. I'm going out to buy the book tomorrow, I think. It's a long 700-something pages, and I hear it's a challenging read, but I'm up for it. I don't read enough books, so I might as well pick up a challenging one when I do decide to read one.

Slam Dunk #1 came from rentanime today, so I'll be watching that, pouring myself Mojitos with curlers in my hair. ^_^

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Tuesday, December 13th, 2005
1:00 pm - a little bit more on Brokeback, and other stuff
IMDB says today that it has been nominated for a ton of Golden Globes: Best Motion Picture-Drama, Best Actor-Drama (Heath Ledger), Best Supporting Actress-Drama (Michelle Williams), Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Original Song, and Best Original Score. Also, there's a great, well-written review by Peter Travers in Rolling Stone that you can find here. There are a few mild spoilers, but nothing that would ruin the movie.

A few more random thoughtsCollapse )

So yesterday rentanime.com sent us Sakigake! Cromartie Highschool vol. 1. I'd watched some with my mom on our anime on-demand selection at home, but I could tell the dub had lost much of the humor from the Japanese. It seemed like the kind of show that was too deeply rooted in Japanese-style comedy to make it into a dub (which is why the dub of Super Milk-chan is terrible.) Now that I've seen the subbed version, Cromartie's hilarious! I love the yakuza/yankee-talk, and Kamiyama's seiyuu is Sakurai Takahiro (Cloud in Advent Children, and tons of other stuff.) Love his voice. And Momiji's seiyuu (Saito Ayaka) shows up as Gerotan later in the volume! Werefox and I have much love for Gerotan, keke. That seiyuu needs to do more stuff. Great series!

Next we're getting Full Metal Alchemist vol. 6. We're waiting for more Monster to come out, but it takes so long... And Damekko Doubutsu. *sniff*

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Monday, December 12th, 2005
1:22 pm - Brokeback Mountain
Werefox and I went to see Brokeback Mountain yesterday. It seems like it's only playing at 2 theaters here and demand is quite high. We tried to see it Saturday night but the showings were sold out until 12:25! Werefox overheard some people saying how they wanted to see it but it was sold out, so it seems like there's alot of interest from Manhattanites. I really hope the movie makes some progress with tolerance in this country, because it really is a beautiful and moving film. I wonder if Heath Ledger will win an Oscar nomination like critics are saying.

spoilers for the movieCollapse )

More later, after I get home from work. ^_~

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Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005
10:29 pm - It's snowing in Maryland...
We've gotten more than a dusting, and it's still coming down. The trees and bushes look especially pretty.

Doing Christmas shopping inevitably makes you think of stuff that you'd like for yourself as well. It seems like I'm buying everyone clothes this year, so it's even more tempting. I bought a brown and red plaid miniskirt that I'm wearing to Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, and a cute faded rose camisole, but for the most part I've been pretty good. asos.com has some really nice stuff, so I'm thinking about buying something like a sweater coat, since it's practical in this weather. That suede drummer jacket is sooo cute though... and that leather & fur flight gilet...

After the Christmas season is over, I think I'll order a big box of smut from jpqueen. Here's what's on my want list so far:

Koko ni Kiss Shite and La Vie En Rose by Yamada Sakurako, who does those *awesome* InuKai doujinshi under the MicroMacro circle

Finder no Sekiyoku by Yamane Ayano

Mujintou Lovers by Sakurai Shushushu (she's so insane, I just love her)

Chouhatsu- Denkousekka Boys by Tohjoh Asami (I was shocked how her drawing style changed in this new addition to her Denkousekka Boys series! I think I like her old style better, but maybe I just need to get used to the new style. On first impression, looking at the cover, it just seems less unique and almost kind of bland...)

Affair and Kawaige by Kano Shiuko

Flower Dog Diary by Kano Shiuko (writing under "Uida Shiuko") and her sister, Uchida Kazuna. Their love of dogs, and the use of them in their stories, really makes their work endearing to me.

I also want to get the second volume of the Kohitsuji Hokaku Keikaku BL drama cd. That was some *hot* voice-acting on volume 1.

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Thursday, October 27th, 2005
5:48 pm - ParaKiss
I looove that "Lonely in Gorgeous" opening song by Tommy February6, so much so that I downloaded the tv-size mp3 onto my iPod. The opening animation makes me really natsukashii because it reminds me of being in Harajuku, walking down Takeshita Dori and going to LaForet. *sniff* While we were watching it Werefox turns to me and is like, "This is your fantasy life, isn't it?" How wonderful it would be if fashion people were really like that. But they aren't. So I'm sticking to the childrenswear industry because I can't take the drama.

I've gotten Werefox hooked on Monster now, so it's nice that we can watch it together. We just finished episode 32, so we have awhile to go before we catch up to the current releases, but it's kinda fun to gorge on large bundles of episodes. I'm really broke this month so this weekend I'm staying home and watching videos. We joined rentanime.com, so hopefully those dvds will be coming either tomorrow or the day after that. The first 3 are Angelic Layer vol 1 (Hoshi Souichirou!), Full Metal Alchemist vol 2, and Mirage of Blaze vol 2. There are 41 other discs in the queue right now. I'm thinking of renting all of Inu Yasha, because I do like the series alot (and it has Yamaguchi Kappei ^_^), it's just not a series I necessarily want to own for ever and ever. Maybe I can get Werefox interested in Sesshoumaru... kekeke

I joined Yahoo Personals, *not* looking for my own Sesshoumaru, but a nice scruffy boy. I've talked to a few cutie pies, but no real connections yet. I was discussing this with a friend, and I think a girl grows more perverse when she's single for too long. Your jokes start getting raunchier, and your smile becomes a little more sly... Meanwhile, on the other side of the bisexual spectrum, my ex-girlfriend and I are writing back and forth, and she'll be coming to Thanksgiving dinner. That should be interesting.

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Tuesday, September 20th, 2005
10:13 pm - Advent Children
Oh, the beauty. We were very impressed by it. So pretty. Sooo pretty.

It's definitely an action movie, and I don't know about anyone else, but I expected that. I've read some complaints from viewers about a lack of character development, but I think this was probably the best way to cram in everyone's favorites. The game was like the main course and the movie was the dessert. And what better dessert than a big heaping plate of delectable bijin?

I think Vincent was my favorite. His eyes were just *gorgeous* and that voice makes me melt into a puddle of goo... He was so direct and unflinching in the way he spoke. A take-charge man. So very hot. Them pointy shoes have gotta go, though. They should have made them shorter. But the rest of Vincent made up for that. heh. I really liked Yazu (<-why couldn't they romanize it this way??) too. He was the most feminine-looking of Kadaj's gang, but he had such a great masculine voice. The contrast between his look and his voice was quite attractive (he doesn't seem to have had alot of seiyuu roles, but he did a good job.) His hair was beautiful in the various motorcycle scenes, and all of those psycho expressions on his face were great.

Reno and Rude were kind of Rosencrantz & Guildenstern, which was cute. I couldn't remember if they were like that in the game since it's been years and years, but I feel like they were. Slashy. I was thinking of Kabaji when Rude spoke, but he had Kantoku's seiyuu. Reno was Enjouji's seiyuu from Kizuna! XD

So yeah, it's eye-candy. And they should have shoe-horned a Sephiroth x Cloud sex scene near the end. But I enjoyed it. I could stare at it over and over again, in slo-mo. It felt like watching an extended bonus cinematic scene. Can't wait until the dvd comes out in November!

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Monday, September 12th, 2005
9:06 am
So Isa came over this weekend, and we had fun times. Many mojitos, 2 Yanagi Kotaroh dvds, an iyarashii karada, and drunken molestations by figbash-senpai and werefox-senpai upon a sleeping kouhai. Good thing I have a queen size bed- oh, I've said too much.

Happy b-day, isachi. XD

On Sunday Werefox and I listened to the naughty Kohitsuji Hokaku Keikaku drama cd #1 as she made brownies and I organized my new chest of drawers. I love casual perversion. I really need to get volume 2. We also did a photo shoot with the new felt Neko-Yzak plushie that she made. He has a bell around his neck and everything. We're going to be starting a webpage called "Fig and Fox" just like our joint-lj, where we can put up plushie photos, fics, and random translations. We'd like to make pushie-photo manga, a little like the P-Chick site.

I'm in looove with my new miniskirt from H&M. It looks like my super-femmy square-dancing skirts with all the ruffles and stuff, only miniaturized. I wearing it with capri-length leggings because I'm at work and don't want to flash people, heh. But on the weekends I can wear them with some lace tights, and they look quite hot. yay. These boots should be coming by FedEx today, hope they fit around my huge unladylike calves, because I died when I found them. Agh, I need to stop being a fashionista because Christmas is coming and I need to start doing early shopping.

I'm reading bits and pieces of Monchi Kaori's "Wagamama Kitchen" on the subway, and I'm almost done. It's very cute and funny, I hope it's not 5 years until she puts out her next one. The sex scenes are pretty subtle, but I think a few people have stared over my shoulder long enough to figure out what's going on. Especially in the nipple-pinching panels. hehe That's what they get for being nosy. There was one panel which made me laugh out loud- the uke yells out "YOU STINK LIKE COME!!" in huge letters (in Japanese) and I'm standing reading this in a crowd of gaijin on the subway, but they're none the wiser. kekeke >:D

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Saturday, September 3rd, 2005
10:27 pm
We went to Better Burger on the upper east side today. I decided to try the ostrich burger, and it was quite good. The "Cajun" ketchup was a nice subtle spiciness, but why name it "Cajun" if it's subtle? Being a huge fan of standup comedy, I wanted to go see The Aristocrats, which has comedians like George Carlin, Lewis Black, Eddie Izzard, etc. but it suddenly wasn't playing at the Loews on 42nd street anymore. Strange, since we'd gone there just last weekend and it was playing then. Oh well, maybe on Labor Day.

Gundam Seed Destiny seems to be as good as the first series so far, but since we're so far behind the releases, Bittorrent takes forever to dl. We watched ep 7 the other day, ep 9 has finished dl'ing, but ep 8 is taking a long time. But we MUST WATCH IN ORDER, so we wait. *weep* Damekko Doubutsu is very entertaining, hope ep 20 gets released sometime soon. I would love to find some way to splice together all of the episodes once all 26 are out. I like the theme song, but it gets too repetitive watching it before each 4-min episode. Morikawa Toshiyuki is somehow very perverse as Unihiko. He kinda reminds me of Matsuri from Sukisho.

The box of doujinshi/manga/artbooks that I sent from Tokyo finally arrived a few days ago. Ahh... such nice goodies. I'm reading Monchi Kaori's "Wagamama Kitchen" which is the first manga she's done in years, I think. One of my fave mangaka. The sex scenes might be obscure enough that I can actually read this one on the subway. Sakura Ashika's "Sensitive Pornograph" is very hot. I bought it after seeing the porno-riffic ova. (I heard that the "Papa to Kiss in the Dark" ova is supposed to be coming out this winter. Can we hope for more smutty BL ova releases in the future? ^___^) Artbooks that I had in the box were Nanae Kurono's "Kuro no Ga", Shiuko Kano's "Playgirl", and Sakurai Shushushu's hilarious "Good Vibration". I picked up some great doujinshika anthologies: Yamada D. Yonezoh's "Mix Up 2", Yamada Sakurako's "Psyrock 4" and "Psyrock 2", Takahashi Mako's Digimon (Taito) anthology "Sweet Memories", and Toshimi Arina's old long-running Yu Yu Hakusho story "Hime II". Aside from that there were random manga, and 2 Mandarake shopping bags full of doujinshi.

I'm going to Ikea tomorrow to get a new shelf to store things... ^_^;

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Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005
11:33 pm - Tokyo pictures
eh, while i'm uploading things, maybe i should upload those Tokyo pictures from almost a month ago now... hehe ^^;

Just a few to start with...Collapse )

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11:16 pm - Gundam Seed comic
The birthday card I did for werefox. We're obsessed with Yzak and Dearka. ^_^

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Sunday, July 24th, 2005
10:17 am
The show at Eggman was really fun. I like how you descend a spiral staircase underground. At the ticket counter the girl asked what band I hand come to see, and I asked if she had a band list but when she asked what my name was I realized she thought I meant I was on one of the band's guest lists. I should have asked "Kyo no band wa dare desu ka?" or said something like "Saisho no band." but I didn't think of it fast enough. Oh well.

The first band turned out to be the one I liked the best too. It's a shame I couldn't say what I wanted to say at the ticket counter. They were called 4-Back, but that night it was only 3 of them. From what the bandmembers said, I think the 4th guy got a steady job and couldn't be there. They were quite good at rockin', and their set was fun. I liked the next 2 bands as well, but the last one totally thought they were hot s**t, especially this mohawked bass player, so it kinda turned me off, and they were kinda lacking musically.

more about the show...Collapse )

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